Sunday, June 6, 2010


Left Idyllwild at 6:00 AM. Arrived at my hotel in Alburquerque at 9:30 PM (New Mexico time), which made for a VERY long driving day. Lots of water drunk, so lots of short stops, which is all good, except for the amount of time that always adds.

And, lots of construction on the freeways, so lots of slow-downs. Fortunately only one accident and they had traffic re-routed up and over the exit / on-ramps so it was pretty fast moving through that kaffufel. And, it was mess on the freeway. A pickup truck rolled carrying a big load of what looked like construction demolition material - at least that's what the stuff spread over all four lanes of the freeway looked like as I scooted past. Didn't look like any other vehicles were involved, but it was a major mess.

So, on to Amarillo tomorrow.

Will report in from Oklahoma City tomorrow night. Goodnight, nurse!