Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Busyness is good when it's productive. Today was such a day. Megan spoke at a luncheon in Yukon, OK, sponsored by the Integris Health System. Integris is promoting their TeleStroke system which is helping save lives in ER rooms around Oklahoma and helping stroke survivors have fewer physical limitations as they recover more quickly from the initial incident by providing outlying hospital personnel with real-time support via electronics.

Megan's story was well-received, as always, and people had lots of questions for her. Her 12,000-mile, 8-month solo bike ride around American in 2006 is the stuff of both fascination and legend. Megan definitely sold enough books today and again this evening at a small stroke support group meeting to justify our time here in Oklahoma City. Beyond the book sales, however, is the larger mission of sharing our stories with people who have walked the same path or are walking it right now - some painfully and angrily.

I have an interesting story to tell tomorrow night - I'm TOO tired now! - about two small towns Megan and I explored when we jumped off I-40 yesterday. Also need my camera to show you some photos taken in one but it's downstairs in the car and I'm NOT putting my jeans and shoes back on now.

So, manana!


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