Friday, June 4, 2010


Spent most of today getting things packed, organized, and ready to go.

Put a few seeds into the vegetable garden.

Took care of some bookkeeping and office straightening.

Transferred files from my office computer to my laptop.

Shipped some books ordered by one of our event coordinators - Megan will be happy about this when I tell her.

Sent out email invitations for my birthday party tomorrow. (Take a look at my birthday cake on Laura's Facebook Album - search for Laura Slattery.)

Party starts around noon-ish. We're expecting our grandson, Matt, and Krista and GREAT-grandbaby, Jacob Matthew. THAT will be fun! And Daughter-the-Younger, Sara, son-in-law, Brad, and little granddaughters, Emma Rose and Hannah Noel from Riverside. Granddaughter Jessie may make it, depending on her work schedule.

So, every local friend who stops by for a bite of cake (and a glass of wine) will get to see the people in my family who make my life real. Who keep me honest and true to who I really am. And who yank my chain when yanking is called for.

A photo or two from the party tomorrow night, then I take off Sunday morning.

'Nuff for now!


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