Thursday, June 17, 2010


Was at my youngest brother, Charlie's, from last Friday through yesterday morning. Drove from his home in Greenfield, IA, to Megan's talk at the Genesis Stroke Support Group in Bettendorf, IA, then here to my older-younger brother, Dave's, home in Clinton, IA, yesterday afternoon. In the photo above you see (L-R) Alicia Owens of Genesis Medical Systems, Megan, and me. Alicia had a nice group of stroke survivors, caregivers, medical staff, and even two student nurses gathered for a showing of "Chicken" and a great Q & A session with Megan.

Last night, when I arrived at Dave's house, his fiance, Sally had my bed made up SOOOO nicely and topped with one of my grandma's quilts. I also slept under one of Nanna's quilts at Charlie's house. I realized last night how much doing so now means to me. Nanna lived to be 93 years old and had what they called "dementia" for about the last 5-6 years of her life, forcing my mom into the excruciating decision to admit Nanna to a nursing home. I know her current diagnosis would be Altzheimer's. I also absolutely know, whether Mom ever did before her death in 1986, that having Nanna well cared for in a lovely facility run by the Sisters of Mercy in Dubuque, IA, was the right decision.

This afternoon I'm meeting with a book club at Gilda's Club in Davenport, IA. Gilda's Club is an organization started by Gene Wilder and Joanna Bull, Gilda Radner's therapist, following Gilda's death from ovarian cancer in 1989. Open to all people living with cancer and their caregivers, there is never a cost for the services the Clubs provide. I learned that there is a Gilda's Club in Cathedral City and I have contacted them for a possible "Meet The Author" event there in November or December.

This evening both Megan and I are meeting with support groups in Iowa City. Megan's presentation will be with an aphasia group and mine with a cancer support group. We're looking forward to finally meeting the two women she and I have been working with for several weeks by email to set up these meetings. That's is often the best part of these "meet & greet" events we're doing - finally putting a face (and often a voice) to their names and credentials.

More later!


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