Monday, June 7, 2010


We are in OK City. I think. I hesitate to say for sure because once we got to the general metro area and my Garmin started routing us to our hotel, Megan and I both thought we'd end up in Dallas, as that's what all the freeways Garmin was sending us onto said. But, I'm pretty sure it's still somewhere near OK City - near the airport, that is. I'm told our trip in the morning BACK to the westside where Megan's gig is taking place should only take us about 30 minutes. That's a run down the Hill to Hemet, right?

Getting Megan's stuff loaded for the run from Amarillo to here was interesting. I knew we'd have to ship some boxes of books on to my brother in Clinton, IA, but I wasn't anticipating how many boxes. So, she and I have added yet another layer of cost to this already expensive trip. I sure hope both of us sell a few books. She's already sold a decent number while in Texas - (thank YOU, Kathryn and Melinda, and friends!) - but with these UPS costs to figure in, Iowa and Nebraska better be "barn-burners" or we're coming home poorer than we left, and that's not a good thing when you're planning on making two bucks.

So, now, I need to create a couple promotional flyers for people helping us with PR. Wash my dirty, sweaty face, read a few pages of my current "recreational reading" book, and shut my eyes till morning. We're here, actually, for two nights and tomorrow should be a bit earlier getting back in, so I'll try for something more interesting then.

Night for now!


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  1. Heard about Rick not feeling well. Darn. Hope he feels better soon!